Shopping For Better Homeowners Insurance In Texas

By Sam April 17, 2015

Homeowners insurance is required before you close your mortgage, and you must maintain your homeowners insurance Texas policy as you occupy you home. A house is the biggest investment you will ever make, and your family cannot afford to repair the house after a major storm or fire. Homeowners insurance policies help protect you in three different ways, and you must shop for a homeowners insurance policy that addresses all three areas equally.

#1: What Is Your Home’s Value?

A homeowners insurance policy is rated on the value of your home, and you cannot insure your home for more than it is worth. The insurance company will have a look at your home’s value, and the carrier will use Texas market figures to ensure you are covered at the right level. The basic value of your policy pays for the structure of your home. Your home can be rebuilt using the basic value of the policy, and your insurance agent in Texas will help you update the policy as your home grows in value.

#2: Personal Belongings

Your personal property is covered under a separate line-item in your policy. You must choose a figure that will pay for everything you own. You could lose everything in a storm or fire, and your policy will pay a single amount that replaces all your personal belongings. Your family can replace clothes, furniture, furnishings, appliances and other amenities in the house with this money.

Your Texas agent will help you adjust the amount of your personal allotment when your family grows, and you may lower the personal allotment if you scale down in your home. Homeowners insurance policies are much easier to manage when you have a clear understanding of how much your belongings are worth. A Texas agent can help you determine the right amount to insure, and anything that is exceedingly valuable can be insured differently.

#3: Valuables And Collectible Items

The most valuable items in your home may be too expensive to replace with your standard homeowners insurance policy. Special riders can be written for your policy that will cover your most expensive valuables, and you will avoid a significant loss that cannot be recovered. Your local Texas agent must see proof of the value of your items, and the items will be insured with special paperwork. Your agent keeps a copy of the paperwork you submit, and the homeowners insurance company will replace your collectibles after a loss.

#4: How Do You Cut Costs?

Cutting costs for your insurance policy is simple when you alter the deductible or value of the policy. Your home must be insured only for its face value. Purchasing too much insurance is illegal, and underinsuring your home could lead to great losses. There are instances in which the mortgage provider will purchase insurance to protect their investment in your house.

Low deductibles raise your premiums every month, but high deductibles reduce the amount you pay every month. Your deductible will be taken out of your payout from the policy, but you will not spend as much money on premiums. Some families go a lifetime without using their homeowners insurance policy, and you must consider the relative risk in your area. Storm and wind damage may be common, or you may live in an area that is prone to flooding. Consider what dangers exist before choosing your policy.

Homeowners insurance in Texas can be purchased at any time, but you need the help of a local agent. Your Texas agent will help you write a policy that protects your family, and you will save money at the same time.


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